The Case for Paraprofessional Support

the case for paraprofessional support It is not uncommon for a potential client to tell us they think their child needs paraprofessional support (sometimes thought of as a “one on one”). While the service sounds ideal, an adult supervising and supporting your child throughout the school day (or for a part of the day), there […]

Before, During, and After: The IEP Process With and Without an Advocate

IEP meeting

before, during and after: The Iep process with and without an advocate WHAT TO DO BEFORE THE MEETING With An Advocate Review Your IEP Goals A brief phone call or consultation to ensure you’re on the same page. Make sure your advocate has updated information and reports or evaluations. Without An Advocate Review your rights […]

Behavior Problems In School? You Got This!

Happy female student at small group table in school

Behavior Problems in School?  You Got This! Work with Your School to Improve Your Child’s Behavior.  Learn the Four Steps: It’s common for parents to feel helpless when their child has behavior problems in school.  What are you supposed to do?  At home your child behaves fine.  If you were in school, you could help.  But […]