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Special Education Lawyer

Allison Hertog’s Success

Allison Hertog is an award-winning attorney.  Ms. Hertog has devoted her career to students with disabilities.  She started as a special ed teacher and has become an experienced litigator.  She’s fought for student rights in administrative and federal court.  Allison has won every due process case that she’s litigated.  She’s a free special education lawyer for K-12 students in California.  

Ms. Hertog’s Devotion to Special Ed Law is Personal

Allison is driven to help students with disabilities because she was once one. She was retained in the second grade and her parents were told she would never go to college.  She understands at a deep level how easily schools can misunderstand and mis-serve students.  Ms. Hertog knows first hand what students go through and how they will overcome their deficits.  Ms. Hertog is one of the nation’s experts in  test accommodations, particularly for high-achievers.  

Before becoming a lawyer, Allison earned a masters degree in special education and taught children with varying special needs.  Licensed to practice law in California, New York and Florida, Ms. Hertog has been tremendously successful as a litigator.  She’s won or settled every case she’s filed.  And she will fight for you and your child as if it is her own.  For more information check out her resume