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Why Hire Ms. Hertog?

SHE began as a child struggling in school, then became a special ed teacher and ultimately a lawyer

Ms. Hertog authentically cares about special needs student.    She’s been on all sides of the game:  a student, a teacher and now a nationally known special education lawyer!  See her impressive resume here.  Allison Hertog is one of only a handful of attorneys in the country who has a masters degree in special education.  Ms. Hertog will learn your child’s situation inside and out, as if it were her own child.  Outstanding parent reviews are here

educator and lawyer.

started as sped teacher

We were deeply inspired to enter this field by childhood personal experiences.  Allison Hertog Esq. was retained in the second grade due to reading problems.  Her parents were told she would never go to college!  Allison Hertog and Jeffrey Laufer both worked in schools prior to law school, and know this field inside and out. We guarantee personal attention to you! 

How we take action

Core Services

This is a private law firm dedicated to advocating for students with special needs. We guarantee personal attention to your case, and will take the time to understand the details of your predicament.

Ms. Hertog is a nationally known advocate and litigator in special education.  Licensed to practice law in CA, FL and NY, she has hundreds of satisfied clients.  And when she and her clients have had to go to trial, they’ve prevailed or settled EVERY time.  Partner with her on your special education journey!

Ms. Hertog gets results for students who need accommodations all over the country.  She’s mastered the skill of advocating without the need for federal litigation.


Hear From Our Past Clients

Attorney & President

Allison Hertog

Allison Hertog comes to the fields of special education and disability law with a highly unique background. One of only a handful of lawyers in the country who holds a Masters degree in special education. She gets the results parents want.  Because of Ms. Hertog’s unique talents and dedication, she’s gotten national attention.  See her reviews above!

Read our reviews

  • Dexter's Mom
    Dexter's Mom

    Brilliant, Caring, Empathetic & Dedicated Attorney for Children with Special Needs. Ms. Hertog has been an amazing asset for my son and I. She has consistently exceeded my expectations since our initial consultation. She immediately developed and executed her plan to assist my son to get the education and support services he requires. We have been misled and misinformed for years by the school district, despite all of the futile time and effort spent with ,IEP's, meetings, and complaints, I just was not satisfied with my child's progress, services, and placement. Ms. Hertog quickly identified the problems and revealed the multiple violations my son endured by the district. Without Ms. Hertog's expertise, this inappropriate education and treatment would have continued indefinitely. Her training, skills, knowledge, and expertise were exactly what we needed. She saved our son!! Due to Ms. Hertog's dedication, I feel she has empowered us to finally give him a fighting chance in life. We now have transparency with the district, opportunities for a better, appropriate education and placement in an environment where we believe he will be able to thrive. I have referred Ms. Hertog to several families in situations similar to ours. My only regret is that we didn't know about her years ago. Ms. Hertog is an phenomenal advocate and she is right there with you during the entire process. She keeps you informed during each phase of the case and ensures you understand every detail. We are eternally grateful and thankful to Ms. Hertog!!!

  • Jackie F.
    Jackie F.

    We were very happy and satisfied the way Allison worked with our case. She helped us to get the compensatory education for our kindergartener autistic kid. She listened to us and make sure of that we understand our rights. Our son will not be compensated for the lost of services that the school did not provided. But when we hire Allison my son got what he deserved. We really recommend her service.Thank you so much!

  • anonymous

    Very happy with the results! I'm happy I found Allison to help me with my reconsideration process for testing accommodations. As someone with a medical condition and learning disability, I struggled to obtained my recommended accommodations for the Medical College Admissions Test. This was particularly challenging because I lived many years not knowing of my learning disability. I highly recommend Allison to anyone looking for help with testing accommodations. Allison is very compassionate and a great listener! Very thankful.

  • anonymous

    After initial denial from a high-stakes test authority, I was encountering some difficulties for an appeal: First, there are only a few attorneys available who handle this type of appeal. Second, I was also very desperate due to the coming deadline. Third, I was eager but it seems impossible to find an attorney who is professional enough to understand my case, a very unique and difficult one, and to assist me with a better approach for rebuttal. I feel so relived with all my worries immediately after my first consult session with Allison, my SUPER-WOMEN! Allison is always responsive and approachable, outstandingly professional/knowledgable (I consider this as her superpower) and really cares about people who has disability (fight for JUSTICE). She made extremely helpful strategies for my case which helped me won two test accommodations approval. Without all her professional suggestions, her dedication, her wise strategies and all the details she had checked for me, I would not have won my appeal. I feel so blessed that I found Allison!! I highly recommend Esq. Allison Hertog to anyone who is looking for a professional attorney to fight for fairness for people who have disabilities, the group of people really deserves to be equally treated for high-takes tests by LAW!!! Allison, thank you soooo much again!!!

  • Barbara

    We were turned down twice for extra time from the ACT board for our daughter. We knew that she needed it. She was sent to a special school in kindergarten and has had it throughout her school career. After the second time of being rejected we were shocked! We had no time to waste. Thank goodness Ms. Hertog was referred to us and she believed strongly in our case. I don’t think we could have done it without her. Ms. Hertog knew how to use our materials in proving our case. It would have been a huge disservice for our daughter if we didn’t hire her! When all the proper paperwork was turned in it took only three days for them to accept her! It brought happy tears to my eyes!!! Without any hesitation I highly recommend Allison Hertog!

  • anonymous

    Ms. Hertog was very knowledgeable and professional. She successfully appealed the need for accommodations for our son to take the ACT exam. We would recommend her without hesitation.

  • Lisette

    Allison has been such a blessing to my family. After being denied twice by the College Board for accommodations for my sons, Allison diligently worked to successfully acquire the extra time they needed. She not only helped with the legal aspects of the process her knowledge on the challenges my sons were facing were very comforting. She has gone above & beyond her services to ensure my sons received the accommodations they deserved. Thank you Allison we will be forever grateful and definitely will recommend you to anyone that needs your services.

  • anonymous

    Allison has been a great help to me and my family. She was not super aggressive but when it was needed she fought with the school district to get services my daughter! I would definitely recommend her.

  • anonymous

    We met with her for a consultation for $250 in which she basically told us what we already read in Wrightslaw publications (which she read from during our consultation) especially his volume on Special Education law. Our middle school child was gifted with ADD & ODD and experts recommended boarding school. Allison said a IEP would never be granted despitte his problems because he didn't have a documented LD and was passing his public school subjectts with Cs and Ds. We were disappointed after our consultation in that she felt seeking an IEP was a waste of time. We felt she didn't have much experience with dual exceptional children, i.e. gifted with ADD, ODD and cognitive slowness in seeking IEP. She could have been more passionate and supportive of our son's right to an IEP, more willing to seek an IEP for us. We felt she was only interested in giving 1 hour consultations for $250 which is the amount we paid her.