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Do you want to take a high-stakes standardized test, but something is holding you back from doing your best?  I can help.  I've successfully gotten ADA accommodations, such as extended time, for dozens of students nationwide.  And I can help you get test accommodations and avoid common pitfalls.  The ACT, SAT, LSAT, New York bar, CA bar, MCAT, and NBME know my reputation and respond positively to my unique approach.  You CAN get ADA accommodations, pass the bar exam and score at the top with the right advocacy. Why Hire Me? Students hire me from coast-to-coast because of my singular [...]

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Win in Federal Court for Our Clients!


Today our triplet clients had another huge win against the Miami-Dade County School District - the fourth largest in the country.  We're so thrilled to report that Judge Joan Lenard of the Federal District Court of the Southern District of Florida denied the school board's motion to dismiss our case.  Our clients, who won a due process case against the district under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, filed a complaint in federal court to enforce that win and the school district tied to get the case dismissed.  Today that motion to dismiss the case was denied.  This is a great development because [...]

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