Win in Federal Court for Our Clients!


Today our triplet clients had another huge win against the Miami-Dade County School District - the fourth largest in the country.  We're so thrilled to report that Judge Joan Lenard of the Federal District Court of the Southern District of Florida denied the school board's motion to dismiss our case.  Our clients, who won a due process case against the district under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, filed a complaint in federal court to enforce that win and the school district tied to get the case dismissed.  Today that motion to dismiss the case was denied.  This is a great development because if [...]

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The Promising Future of Virtual SpEd


In my role as a special education advocate working primarily in Miami-Dade – the fourth largest public school district in the country – I’ve participated in hundreds of school meetings.   Naturally as an advocate, I meet lots of dissatisfied parents, but I also see very unhappy teachers and administrators who are equally frustrated with a special education system laden with laws and red tape that often doesn’t result in even adequate educational achievement. One bright light in Miami is an emphasis on high quality online education options for struggling learners which they can access at home and in school.  Virtual ed [...]

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Can the ADA Help Your Child in School? Yes, Now More Than Ever!


If you're reading this blog, you've probably heard of the ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act – that’s the landmark piece of civil rights 1990 legislation which requires wheelchair accessible bathrooms, for instance.  But what you may not know is whether the ADA applies to your disabled child in school.  You'd think it would, right?  But then, why does everyone talk about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) all the time?  Well, Title II of the ADA does apply to your disabled child in school.  Not just with respect to students with physical disabilities in wheelchairs, but also to any [...]

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Accommodations in Grades K-12. How to Navigate the Public System. . .


  Once the psycho-educational evaluation of your son or daughter is complete (See this post for more details on getting an evaluation), if a disability is found the next step will be to have a school meeting to determine if that disability significantly impacts his or her educational performance.  That sounds simple enough, but can actually be a great sticking point, particularly for gifted and disabled students. I covered that topic in detail in an article reprinted on the ISER web site. One thing is for sure that a student does not have to be failing in order to qualify for [...]

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Accommodations for Entrance Exams. . .


Getting accommodations from the College Board (which administers the SAT, AP exams and others) or from any other standardized testing or professional licensing boards, is even more difficult, and is governed by a whole different set of laws, than getting accommodations in public grade school. When a parent of a disabled child come to me for help getting accommodations on these exams, here are some of the key questions I ask (none of which are determinative in and of themselves): 1.  When was your child diagnosed with a disability? 2.  Has your child been getting accommodations for tests in school? 3.  [...]

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How Do I Know if My Child Needs Accommodations?


If your child is capable of learning and demonstrating his knowledge, but not in the same way, at the same rate or under the same conditions as his or her typical peers,* your child may be legally entitled to accommodations.  The first step is to find out if he or she has a disability usually by getting a psycho-educational evaluation (i.e., a set of standardized tests given by a psychologist who can determine if a student has learning difficulties or not).  If your son or daughter is a public grade school student, and you or the teacher believes they may be [...]

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