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Test Accommodations Lawyer


Do you want to take a high-stakes entrance exam, but something is holding you back from doing your best?  I can help.  I've successfully gotten accommodations, such as extended time, for dozens of high school, college and graduate students Nationwide and can help you avoid common pitfalls.  Standardized testing boards, such as the ACT, SAT, LSAT, and MCAT, respond positively to my highly personalized legal advocacy.  My approach is to create a very thorough historical profile for my clients and is based on my first hand experience as a high-achiever with learning disabilities who was diagnosed late in my academic [...]

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Congress Comes to the Rescue of Learning Disabled Students: Now Easier to Get a 504 Plan


In the past, as many of you know, it has been extremely difficult for a learning disabled student who has performed well in school by compensating for his or her disabilities to obtain a 504 Plan.  That was because the law (Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act as interpreted by most school districts) stated that students who achieved well in school could not, by definition, have a disability which "substantially limited" the "major life activity" of learning - even if they suffered from a learning disability, ADHD or other disability. Getting a 504 Plan for that [...]

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Accommodations for Entrance Exams. . .


Getting accommodations from the College Board (which administers the SAT, AP exams and others) or from any other standardized testing or professional licensing boards, is even more difficult, and is governed by a whole different set of laws, than getting accommodations in public grade school. When a parent of a disabled child come to me for help getting accommodations on these exams, here are some of the key questions I ask (none of which are determinative in and of themselves): 1.  When was your child diagnosed with a disability? 2.  Has your child been getting accommodations for tests in school? 3.  [...]

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