Clients ask me all the time for referrals to South Florida service providers, such as psychologists, therapists, college counselors, tutors and others, so I finally compiled this 20 plus page directory.  I update it periodically.

Disclaimer:  I can’t vouch for the quality of everyone on this list.  🙂

South Florida Resources Local Resources Directory 2015

3 Replies to “Resources”

  1. Bernard Littman

    Wonderful school that consistently brings learning disabled students up to grade level!

    They have very small classes and find what the student did not understand and handle it.

    They also teach manners this often produces a positive effect on the whole family!

  2. Heather Milligan

    The ” Sea of Strengths academy” (The reading station) in Sarasota/Lakewood ranch specializes in The Orton-Gillingham multi sensory phonics approach. I am commenting in response to the mom who is considering moving to Broward county. I just found the school, but we do not go there because my son is still in pre-k.


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