Our Mission

“joiie” stands for “Just One Inspiring Idea Everyday” and is a not-for-profit movement that seeks to foster inspiration, goodwill, opportunities and ethical practices through travel, to enrich travelers and local communities alike.

It works on the belief that tourism industry can bring a positive change if all stake holders work together strongly on sustainable practices. Travel can be a force to create positivity, locally to globally.

joiie’s first campaign, #IAmAForceAgainst, aimed to empower everyday people to stand against unethical and exploitative practices in the travel industry. We’re not shy about what we believe in and hope you aren’t either!

If you’re a traveler

You can change the world while exploring it! By taking a stand against what you see as wrong, and not consuming unethical travel services, you can make a difference and start a movement. Ideas? Reach out to us at inspiration@joiie.org

If you’re a travel blogger, photographer, writer

You nurture and inspire curiosity for travel through your craft. Spread the ethos of conscious and ethical travel and put and end to these horrific acts. Join us, write with us, share new opportunities, ideas for the travel community. We want to hear from you! Write us an email at post@joiie.org

If you’re a business

You have an audience that live to travel. Start a conversation. Do you have a new idea about sustainable tourism? We can help take that to the world. Write us an email at partner@joiie.org