Message to Parents

Dear Parent:

I am a parent who has learning disabilities. I know what it’s like to struggle in school without the appropriate learning support. I was retained in second grade due to my difficulties with reading. My teachers knew only that I was unable to learn at the same rate as my peers, but did not know that with help targeted to meet my unique needs I could excel in school. It seems hard to believe now, given my Masters and Law degrees, but at some point in elementary school, the school psychologist told my parents that I was not capable of going to college. Having my own children now, I can imagine my parents’ heartbreak.

My learning disabilities were not understood most of my life, but I’m lucky that accommodations and lots of hard work made me who I am today. Here’s my resume.  I’ve dedicated my career to helping children like your own in school so that hopefully they won’t have to struggle as I did. I’ve also helped high-achieving disabled students all over the country get accommodations on standardized entrance exams.

Please give me the opportunity to speak with you and explain how we can make school work for your child. I handle each case personally. Call me at (213) 290 -3137 or email me at


AllisonHertog, Esq., M.A.
Founder, Making School Work & Hertog Education Law