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Due Process Win for Child with Epilepsy!

Today Allison Hertog won a due process hearing for her client, a young child with a severe form of epilepsy, against the Broward County School Board, the fifth largest school district in the country.  The School Board effectively barred her from going to school by refusing to administer a second dose of medication the girl required in an emergency.  Not providing it could be lethal for the child.   The [...]

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Miami School Board Pushed Survivor of Multiple Sexual Assaults Out of School

(Washington, D.C.) Today, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) with co-counsel Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP and Florida attorneys, Alice K. Nelson and Allison Hertog, filed a lawsuit against the school board of Miami-Dade County and Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) Superintendent Alberto Carvalho. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of “Jane Doe,” a high school student who was 14 years old when she was repeatedly sexually assaulted and [...]

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Why the ACT, College Board are Denying Your Request for Accommodations and How To Turn That Around

Being granted accommodations for high-stakes standardized tests is no easy task, especially if your child is a high-achiever who has learned to successfully compensate for a disability.  Fortunately, during the Obama administration there were some positive legal developments that have made the law both clearer and more favorable to high-achieving applicants. When testing companies deny accommodations to high-achievers, the reasons are usually the same.  Here are those reasons and several [...]

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Win in Federal Court for Our Clients!

Today our triplet clients had another huge win against the Miami-Dade County School District - the fourth largest in the country.  We're so thrilled to report that Judge Joan Lenard of the Federal District Court of the Southern District of Florida denied the school board's motion to dismiss our case.  Our clients, who won a due process case against the district under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, filed a complaint in federal [...]

Allison Hertog Speaks to the Florida Psychological Association

Today Allison Hertog and Samantha Carella spoke to the Miami-Dade and Monroe Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association about Helping Disabled Students Obtain their Legal Entitlements: Grades K-12 and Beyond.  Ms. Hertog and Dr. Carella spoke for nearly three hours including actual case studies on which they collaborated to help special needs students improve their educational performance.  The topics involved advocacy in K-12 public schools as well as helping high-achievers with disabilities obtain [...]

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Some High-Performing Charters are Innovating in Special Ed – Leaving School Districts Behind

Charter schools often have an awkward, if not contentious, relationship with their local districts. That makes sense, as the public charter school movement is essentially a reaction to what can be a cookie cutter way of educating kids in neighborhood schools. Yet charter schools are part of the very same district (or state) that funds the neighborhood schools. It’s as if they’re siblings – they have the same parents but [...]

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Charter Schools, the Time is Now to Take On Special Ed in a Big Way

Charter schools and special education. Two concepts antithetical to each other? Not in my book. A handful of public charters are already doing a bang-up job educating kids with disabilities, I swear. And some visionary charter school leaders already see special education not merely as a political liability, which it is now more than ever, but as an opportunity to propel charters even further into the mainstream and to prove [...]

The Common Core and Disadvantaged Learners – Does NY Have Some Answers?

The short answer is a resounding, YES.  As you may have heard, after New York announced that their test scores under the Common Core dropped a full 30 percent, Obama's Secretary of Education notoriously singled-out "white suburban moms" as particularly vociferous opponents of the Common Core standards - which are coming soon to a school near you. Secretary Duncan, in trying to belittle their maternal opposition, went on to say [...]

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The Promising Future of Virtual SpEd

In my role as a special education advocate working primarily in Miami-Dade – the fourth largest public school district in the country – I’ve participated in hundreds of school meetings.   Naturally as an advocate, I meet lots of dissatisfied parents, but I also see very unhappy teachers and administrators who are equally frustrated with a special education system laden with laws and red tape that often doesn’t result in even [...]

Don’t Let Your School Get Away with Denying an Evaluation to Your Child

Every so often the government takes a powerful stance on the side of the less powerful.  January 21, 2011 was one of those moments.  On that date the United States Department of Education released a memo to the State Directors of Special Education stating that schools cannot deny or delay a parent's request for a psycho-educational evaluation of their child if the parent and the school believe that the child [...]

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