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5 Replies to “Welcome to Los Vaqueros!”

  1. Zelda Rivas

    I am reading your site for the first time. My Kindergartener (5 turning 6 in April) is struggling in school. Her Sunday School teacher thinks she may be dislexic, but I’m not sure. I mentioned this to my daughter’s teacher who doesn’t agree, and yet, she has become so frustrated with trying to teach my daughter that she has become insulting at times. Until recently, my daughter constantly confused numbers (5 & 2), confused letters (u & n, m & n and b, d, & p). She’s gotten a little better with the letters, but she sometimes writes the 5, 7 & 18 backwards (81 instead of 18), and she confuses 12 and 21. She sometimes sees them as the same thing. She also struggles with consonant blends. I believe there is a problem, but sense she is so young, how can I have her tested? Or can I? Also, after I spoke to her teacher about a very hurtful comment she made to my daughter, she says it was because she has to speak to my daughter daily about her behavior. However, until I complained to the teacher about her comment, I had never heard this, even though I know my little one can get bored and get into other things or get frustrated because she feels no one (her classmates), as she says, “wants to be my friend.” Help!

  2. Jennifer

    You have every right as a parent to request your child be tested. If the school gives you any problem, you tell them they are violating your child’s right to a free and appropriate public education. Also, with the recent proposed budget to cut 41 School Psychologists from Miami-Dade, don’t be surprised if you have to wait a very long time to have your child evaluated. However, you need to be informed of your rights as a parent and the Procedural Safeguards have them outlined for you. The most important one now, the timeline. They have 60 days from the time you concent to an evaluation to have your child tested and staffed. If not, you are entitled to a private evaluation at the districts expense. These are the federal laws and don’t allow the school to bully you into not advocating for your child.

    Good Luck.

  3. Zoraida

    I came across your website and blog today as I was researching and trying to find avenues for my daughter who is 9yrs old and has now been diagnosed with LD/ADD and put on Focalin Rx(which is so scary fo me) by her neuroligist to see if helping with her ADD can help her bettering her grades, although it was told very clearly to me that the LD problem will have to be something that only extra help by parents, tutors and school will help her succeed in life. My problem is that I almost feel like the school has it set up to where she can only fail if left the way it is. My daughter has struggled since Kindergarten, repeated it, and has been failing out ever since. Now she is in 3rd grade, FCAT, and will be left behind if she does not get help. She is reading at maybe a 1st grade level, and school is just getting more frustrating for her. She has been put on IEP plans since kindergarten and was finally able to get her evaluated last year(and I believe only because she was entering the 3rd grade and the A+ school they are, they want the least kids to fail the FCAT), unfortunally the test stated that although she seemed to have a problem she scored what they call at a average but low range. So in other words, she scored about 2pts over to where she could recieve any help or qualify for the MKAY scholarship. The neuroligist believes she is under that average level, but unfortunely she can not be tested again until February, but even when that occurs I am not sure on what it I need to do to know that there evaluation is fair. It is very noticable that my daughter needs the help and I just dont know what it is I can do to get it for her. If you could or anyone can help, please advise, I am desperate at this point to be able to her my daughter succeed in life!!

  4. allisonhertog

    Dear Zoraida:

    Please contact me on my direct office line – 786-423-1930. It sounds like the school is really giving you misleading and inaccurate information. Your daughter is entitled to some extra help/services in school. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Allison Hertog

  5. Marta

    On Accommodations and After-School Care Programs

    I think many people (we didn’t) don’t know this so we want to share it.

    I enrolled my daughter who is diagnosed with ADHD/PDD-NOS in two After-School Care classes. The After-School Care is managed by an independent company but they are promoted by the school and located in the school. Weeks into it and way after I was entitled to a refund, both facilitators approached me because they didn’t think my daughter was appropriate for the clubs. Both told me they were trying very hard but they were only one person for too many kids and a kid like my daughter required a lot of supervision. Neither of them told me directly to pull her out of the club however it was rather obvious that they didn’t want her there.
    As a family we’d decided not to impose our daughter’s presence where it is not wanted, at least for now (and as long as we can manage). We think the people involved will resent her and she’ll be treated poorly. We think that as long as is possible we should focus our energy in finding a place where she is welcome, appreciated and care for.

    However like the link below states under Section 504 After-School Care programs that use school facilities should meet the needs of people with disabilities.

    Here’s the link

    Section 504: Accommodations & After-School Programs
    by Robert K. Crabtree, Esq.


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