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IEP meeting coming up? You probably find IEP and 504 meetings confusing in general, and now during the Coronavirus, things feel even worse. At meetings parents are outnumbered by school people. They seem to speak a foreign language of special education acronyms. And your questions are often left unanswered. All you want is understand the IEP process and help your special needs child. You may not even be sure of the meaning of an IEP vs. a 504 Plan.   You're not alone if you think an accommodation is something more you book at a hotel.   On the other [...]

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The Promising Future of Virtual SpEd


In my role as a special education advocate working primarily in Miami-Dade – the fourth largest public school district in the country – I’ve participated in hundreds of school meetings.   Naturally as an advocate, I meet lots of dissatisfied parents, but I also see very unhappy teachers and administrators who are equally frustrated with a special education system laden with laws and red tape that often doesn’t result in even adequate educational achievement. One bright light in Miami is an emphasis on high quality online education options for struggling learners which they can access at home and in school.  Virtual [...]

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