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The Promising Future of Virtual SpEd


In my role as a special education advocate working primarily in Miami-Dade – the fourth largest public school district in the country – I’ve participated in hundreds of school meetings.   Naturally as an advocate, I meet lots of dissatisfied parents, but I also see very unhappy teachers and administrators who are equally frustrated with a special education system laden with laws and red tape that often doesn’t result in even adequate educational achievement. One bright light in Miami is an emphasis on high quality online education options for struggling learners which they can access at home and in school.  Virtual ed [...]

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Can A Child with Behavior Problems Survive in a Typical Classroom?


This issue is really getting to me lately.  It seems I have several clients right now who have bright kids who are perfectly capable of doing well in a general education classroom but for their behavior problems.  The schools I'm dealing with often want to transfer the kids to special education classrooms which are exclusively for kids with "emotional or behavior disorders" or to another type of classroom purely for kids in special education, such as a class for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). "EBD" or Other Self-Contained Classrooms EBD classrooms are generally "self-contained" that means that they have only special education students [...]

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Can that IQ be Right? Autism and IQ


More and more often I am advocating for children on the autism spectrum who are achieving at or above grade level, but whose IQ scores show them to have below average or even mentally deficient intelligence levels. The IQ score is supposed to represent a person's ability to learn so, how could it be that a child could be learning so well but be mentally retarded? The answer is that it can't be; it makes no sense. New research shows that the IQ scores of children on the autism spectrum may not be accurate reflections of their innate intellectual potential. While [...]

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Are You an Extreme Chooser? (How Far Would You Go to Find the Right School?)


Most parents are advocates of school choice -whether we identify ourselves that way or not.  We would choose to send our children to the best school in our neighborhood over the one which was just simply around the corner, that is, if we could.  Upper middle class parents routinely choose to buy homes in neighborhoods where the schools are superior - that was the earliest, and is still the most common, form of school choice. Parents of children with special needs have been called "extreme choosers" when it comes to finding the right school for their child.  That's because their children's [...]

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