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Making School Work, PL Files Federal Complaint on Behalf of Students with LD and ADHD


Three students, who are triplets suffering from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Learning Disabilities (LD), have filed suit against Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) claiming school officials at the Marine Academy of Science and Technology at Florida International University (MAST@FIU), an elite STEM magnet school, have harassed and discriminated against them because of their disability. This law firm, Making School Work, PL represents the boys and filed suit on their behalf under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  The suit alleges that MAST@FIU officials routinely refused to accommodate their severe ADHD and LD and did not make the high-tech devices and materials available to other [...]

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Allison Hertog Speaks to the Florida Psychological Association


Today Allison Hertog and Samantha Carella spoke to the Miami-Dade and Monroe Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association about Helping Disabled Students Obtain their Legal Entitlements: Grades K-12 and Beyond.  Ms. Hertog and Dr. Carella spoke for nearly three hours including actual case studies on which they collaborated to help special needs students improve their educational performance.  The topics involved advocacy in K-12 public schools as well as helping high-achievers with disabilities obtain accommodations on high-stakes exams. Their PowerPoint presentation is available here. FLPA Presentation

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Make School Work for Your Child


Did you ever wish you had someone to sit on your side of the table? Not just a lawyer.  Not just someone with first-hand experience teaching kids with disabilities.  But also a passionate advocate for your child's needs.  Well, you've finally found me.  Allison Hertog, the firm founder, is one of only a handful of lawyers in the country who has a Masters degree in Special Education. I founded Making School Work, P.L. because I struggled throughout my school years with multiple undiagnosed learning disabilities. I was retained in second grade and my disabilities were not accommodated nor even understood until [...]

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