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We were deeply inspired to enter this field by childhood personal experiences.  Ms. Hertog is a former special education teacher and an attorney.  She’s overcome learning disabilities, herself.  Her parents were told by in elementary school that she would never go to college.  Ms. Fisch has a close relative with Downs Syndrome.  We both started as special ed teachers, and know this field inside and out. Guaranteed personal attention. 

Why Hire Ms. Hertog?

Special expertise in behavior problems

Ms. Hertog, nationally known in her field, has devoted her career to special needs children.  She’s one of only a handful of attorneys in the country who has a masters degree in behavior disorders/special education.  She holds a national reputation as an advocate for twice exceptional students of all ages.  Ms. Hertog will learn your situation inside and out, as if it were her own child.  Her biggest priority will be getting your goals met. 

How we take action

Core Services

This is a private law firm dedicated to advocating for students with special needs of all ages. We guarantee personal attention to your case, and will take the time to understand the details of your predicament.

Ms. Hertog is a nationally known advocate and litigator in special education.  Licensed to practice law in CA, FL and NY, she has hundreds of satisfied clients.  And when she and her clients have had to go to trial, they’ve prevailed or settled EVERY time.  Partner with her on your special education journey!

Having trouble navigating the IEP process? Want to get more for your IEP student without filing due process? You are definitely not alone.  We can help.

Ms. Hertog gets results for students who need accommodations all over the country.  She’s mastered the skill of advocating without the need for federal litigation.


Hear From Our Past Clients

  • Lisette

    Allison has been such a blessing to my family. After being denied twice by the College Board for accommodations for my sons, Allison diligently worked to successfully acquire the extra time they needed. She not only helped with the legal aspects of the process her knowledge on the challenges my sons were facing were very comforting. She has gone above & beyond her services to ensure my sons received the accommodations they deserved. Thank you Allison we will be forever grateful and definitely will recommend you to anyone that needs your services.

  • anonymous

    Ms. Hertog was very knowledgeable and professional. She successfully appealed the need for accommodations for our son to take the ACT exam. We would recommend her without hesitation.

  • Barbie

    Allison has been such a blessing to my family. After requesting for several years that the public school system help my sons, Allison came highly recommended and hiring her has been the best investment ever. She has gone above & beyond the call of duty to ensure my sons get the best education possible. I now know that my special needs sons will reach their fullest potential. Thank you Allison for being my sons guardian angel.

  • Pearl

    Words cannot express how grateful my husband and I are for the exceptional help Ms. Hertog has given us over the years regarding representation and placement for our daughter.Our child has Apraxia, which effects her speech and language abilities and caused her to have cognitive delay.Educators had a difficult time understanding her educational needs and placment and because of that, her education was not being accessed and her educational goals were not being met.This left our daughter frustrated and us scrabbling for answers. IEP meetings left us with many unanswered questions, with little to no change to an educational plan.Ms Hertog was recommended by a friend. Her knowledge about special education law and its implementation was invaluable.She fought for an educational plan that would work for our child, leaving no stone unturned. Maximizing our child's rights to include increasing McKay scholarship.As of today, our daughter has improved her speech and language abilities. Her educational goals are being met and her self esteem has soared.We know our daughter's capabilities are endless and thanks to Allison's expertise, we feel our child is on the right path.Thanks you Allison

Attorney & President

Allison Hertog

Allison Hertog comes to the fields of special education and disability law with a highly unique background. One of only a handful of lawyers in the country who holds a Masters degree in special education. She gets the results parents want.  Because of Ms. Hertog’s unique talents and dedication, she’s gotten national attention.  See her reviews above!

Senior Advocate

Abby REIFMAN Fisch

Abby Reifman Fisch works to help families understand their rights and advocates for children with disabilities through consultations and at school meetings. Her extensive experience and knowledge as a former special education teacher and special needs advocate allows her to understand the complexities of working within the educational system and what it takes to make a difference in a student’s educational experience. She listens, strategizes, and acts according to parent goals and student need. See her AMAZING reviews here.

How to Get an IEP Assessment

What is an IEP Assessment? Your Right to an Assessment Federal law (the “IDEA”) gives parents a right to a school IEP evaluation.  That right

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